Avionics And Autopilot Sales, Installs, and Service.

While many avionics shops can install autopilots and avionics, the close internal confines of a Mooney M20 airframe, make for many problems which do not seem to exist in other types of G/A airframes. Our technicians know every nook and cranny of your Mooney and also know exactly where any potential problem spots lie "down the road".

Besides being able to perform most every install with expertise far beyond the "average" avionics shop, our technicians can also be working along side our Modification and Refurbishment Tech's so as to minimize your Mooneys "down-time" dramatically. We offer most every major brand of Autopilots and even have participated in the original STC approval process of several in Mooney M20 airframes.

Besides being familiar with all of the OEM Mooney installed A/Pilot systems, we also do repairs on Brittain PC and Acu-Trac Systems commonly found on older vintage Mooneys. Many times, we can suggest a companion "altitude hold system" which is made especially for Mooneys.

Please call for specific quotes on your particular Mooney.

Remember: Let Your Mooney Do Double-Time And Have It's Avionics And Autopilot Work Done While It Is Being Made Beautiful, Sexier, And Faster!