Award Winning Mooney Mart Custom Interior Whisper Soundproofing Packages

Possibly because we fly our Mooneys while sitting on the inside (as opposed perhaps to riding on the outside?), nothing makes a Mooney look better and feel more luxurious to us than a hand crafted, custom fitted, Award Winning Interior. Let Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart rich heritage of some 17 years experience in Mooney Modifications and Custom Crafted Award Winning Interior craftsmanship transform your Mooneys cockpit environment into a lasting source of pride. Our Mooney craftsmen are known for making your Mooney look, feel, and smell better than OEM new!

Photo: Our Custom Leather M20 Front Seats w/optional fold-down Armrest Done In Citation/Lear style. Gathered and Embroidered Calfskin.

Let your imagination go wild with supple Citation/Lear style gathered Calfskin seating perhaps embroidered with your initials, your Mooney's N#'s, the Mooney Bird Logo , or even your companies' logo. Many of our clients choose a traditional OEM appearance with a Leather/Cloth combination or even the cost effective all cloth or quality rich vinyl/cloth combination. Matching rear seat slumber pillows, color coordinated seat belt webbing, and front seat mats are also available.Pricing Notes: Please understand that our experience shows that often times many interiors are done in harmony with certain mods such as 1/4" Side Glass etc. Therefore we price many of our interiors as being done with other popular mods accordingly. Therefore, when considering interiors and partial interiors such as Re-furbing the Royalite or Whisper Soundproofing (only), prices may vary. Check the associated pricing notes carefully.

Pricing and Menu Items

MMI-001: Base Custom Designer Cloth and/or Vinyl Interior: $4,775*
4 Seats, Up-grade Carpeting, Side Accent Panels Using Fabric and/or Fabric/Vinyl Combo On Seats & Side Accent Panels.

MMI-002: Base Custom Leather Interior: $6,875*
4 Seats, Plush Up-Scale Carpeting, Side Accent Panels Using Custom Leather/Calfskin with or without Fabric on Seats and Side Accent Panels.

MMI-003: Custom Dye/Refinish Royalite Panels: Re-Dye Most Royalite Panels not needing repairs (stand alone-w/out any other work or interior R &R. $1,895
Mooney side and overhead molded Royalite panels are un-finished as they come new from the factory. Thus, being a petrolium product, they have a tennancy to yellow or age when exposed to UV sunlight. Our custom dye combines chemically with the ABS plastic used (as apposed to just sitting on top so as to provide a durable, non-chipable, non-fading eggshell finish that in most ways, is better than OEM new but roughly the same color. However, since most Royalite needs some degree of spot repair for cracks and pulled holes etc., it is impossible to quote exact prices for every M20 interior. Consequently, the prices below are only for budgetary purposes only for otherwise good Royalite.

Re-Dye Most Royalite Panels at the same time as a new interior. $1,295

Refurbish Side Royalite Accent Panels Using Ulta-Leather/Calfskin bonded onto pre-existing Royalite side panels so as to appear like the new composite interior. $2,575*

Important Interior Pricing Notes: These prices are for interiors when done at the same time as other mods which require the interior (or a major portion of same) to be removed such as new 1/4" side glass and our 3/8" 201 Windshield Mod etc. Base interior price does not include re-furbishment of the Royalite Interior panels which is prices separately. Stand Alone Interior only prices are higher.