Whisper Soundproofing, Custom Interiors, and Our Custom Thicker (STC'd) Glass Mods, Explained

Probably nothing is quite as deflating when flying your Mooney as riding around in an ugly or at least sub-standard interior all the while being bombarded with needless engine and exhaust din, prop bleating, and airframe noise! Since we ride in and fly our Mooneys while sitting in the inside (where else?), why not make the part which is closest to you when having fun flying, mood altering delightful, pleasantly quiet, or at least not hurt your (or your passengers) long term hearing too boot?

Thicker Glass and Whisper Soundproofing Packages

Did you know that besides causing totally un-necessary fatigue (FAA termed-Flight Fatigue), the decibel level of a "stock" Mooney can, and actually does cause permanent long term hearing loss? It is true. In measuring the effects of various soundproofing methods (including thicker glass) we determined that many "stock" OEM Mooneys can reach 90db or greater at cruise.

The level of the noise or area of energy frequency commonly generated by a M20 in flight has been documented to be well into the dangerous level, let alone pleasant! Not knowing or experiencing any better, it is amazing what we (as aircraft owners) have simply grown accustom to as being acceptable isn't it? We can make your Mooney so quiet and Flight Fatigue free (see attached Aviation Consumer Mag.), that the rear seat passengers can actually hear a pilots Casio watch beep. The difference is astounding; no question. Normal conversation is possible and true stereo music can be enjoyed over the intercom, and flight fatigue is lowed dramatically. All this is relatively economical. So please take the time to experience our research in sound reduction technology yourself.

First, A Few Thoughts From The Author

Mooneys are not the usual monocoque stressed style aluminum skin construction. That is, the fuselage skin is not inherently stiff (like a soda can) as it wasn't designed to carry the structural loads and has large flat areas to boot. Somewhat like rag & tube acrobatic biplanes, the 4130 steel tubes carry the M20 fuselage's structural loads. Thus, the primary purpose of the forward fuselage skin on a M20 is streamlining the structure; or keeping the wind and rain out!

The reason we mention this here is the fact the skin tends to vibrate or oscillate in harmony with the prop din and any effort to stiffen the skin (such as installing thicker/stiffer glass) helps tremendously in reducing the sound level inside a Mooney's cabin. Thus, thicker glass and relatively stiff insulation attached (glued) directly to the cabin skin on the inside has proven most effective in lowering overall aggravating cabin din.

Custom Calf Skin Leather or Top Designer Fabric Interiors

Front Seat

Older shop-worn interiors simply don't instill confidence to either your passengers or future buyers. In fact, few items deflate resale values overall or affect the marketability of your Mooney then substandard interior ambiance. Interior esthetics and design have long proven to be a major psychological factor in both pilots and passengers perception of security, performance, value, and perceived safety of the specific aircraft.

Nowadays, in today's market most consumers expect custom leather or designer interiors in pick-ups and Jeeps, let alone expensive or exclusive aircraft such as your Mooney. While you may not realize it, the quality and design of your aircraft's interior goes a long way to influence anyone's opinion of your Mooney. When you think about it, why not the part you are closest to and touch, feel, and esthetically absorb while enjoying flying your Mooney be up to par with it's fabulous performance?

We can make your Mooney breathtakingly gorgeous on the inside, all the while adding to your overall enjoyment, your passengers comfort, and its resale value in the process. Our Custom Award Winning Designer Leather and Cloth Interiors will commonly endure far longer than you will ever own your Mooney and make good plane investment sen$e! Why settle for anything less?

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