A Short List of Popular Custom Packaged Priced Maintenance Procedures Especially For Your Mooney

Important Notes: These maintenance prices may not be accurate. The prices here should be used for budget purposes only. All parts prices subject to change and MUST be confirmed in writing prior to booking this work.

#MS 001: Corrosion X, Corrosion Proofing & Airframe Fogging: $295 If done at the same time as other maintenance procedures. $350 if done separately.

(By the experts who wrote the book on how to corrosion proof a Mooney!)

Note: We strongly advise you to read the various AVIATION CONSUMER research articles whichCoy authored on this subject as in light of recent inspection findings of growing corrosion concerns in ageing M20 airframes, we feel this is a yearly or semi-yearly MUST for almost all Mooney owners.

#MS 002 Chadwick-Helmuth Computerized Dynamic Propeller & Engine (rotating mass) Analyzation And Balancing: $279

(Again, we wrote the book on how to Balance Mooney Props) Another MUST; for all M20's says AVIATION CONSUMER

#MS 003: Expert Annual Inspections : $1,695* Most non-turbo M20's $1,895* Turbo M20's

(As per Mooney Service Manual Instructions)
*For inspection only, does not include AD research if logs are not up to date and reliable and/or usable, and does not include parts and other necessary repairs.

#MS 004: Pre-Purchase Inspections: On Most Mooneys $695-up*

*Mooneys with damage history and turbo's can be higher

#MS 105: Engine Vac. STBY Vacuum System Installed: $995

Note: Manual operation w/warning light, works off engine vacuum and provides descents to safe IFR landings.

#MS 106: 241CC Finned HEAVY DUTY (finned) Vacuum Pump Kit (exchange): $895+/-

Depending on exact model of pump, price may include 2 optional cooling kits; PMA blast kit & MAC Scavenge Kit.

#MS 107: 2 Vacuum Pump Cooling Kits for all Mooneys: $279

(Inc. Both Kits, the PMA Blast Kit & the complementary MAC Scavenge Kit)
Note: As heat is one of the prime enemies to sudden catastrophic vacuum pump failures, this simple kit has shown to increase the pumps MTBF (mean time between failures) dramatically. We view it as a MUST for all IFR Mooneys.

#MS 108: Expert Fuel Tank Repairs, Incl Strip & Reseals: $3,495 52 Gal Tanks, $3,695 64 Gal. Tanks (Per Wing)

(Fully Guaranteed Not To Leak)
Note: Larger TLS/Ovation slightly higher. Expert Spot Repairs are practical in many instances and are on an hourly basis usually costing as little as $300-600 per wing.

#MS 109: Affordable Paintless Dent and Hail Repairs: Ailerons, Fuselage and Wing Top Skins etc.

aileron beforeaileron after
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(Note: Photo's are not enhanced or touched-up in any way)

Average M20 Aileron Light/Moderate Hail Repair $375 each

Most resort to replacing expensive and now hard to get skins and/or using bondo to make cosmetic repairs to typical hangar rash and hail damage. We have special tools and techniques which (once we gain access to both sides of the metal) can be used on most, if not all such damages at less than 1/2 what most shops typically charge. We do not use bondo or fillers. Many minor and moderate hail damage and hangar rash repairs can be facilitated While U Wait and do not require costly paint touch-up!

You can ship us your ailerons and control surfaces or bring your Mooney in to our shop. Often times, minor to moderate repairs can be made same day w/advance appointment. Satisfaction is guaranteed or you pay nothing but R&R labor of the affected part or component(s).

Note: Compare to typical aileron skin replacement & re-paint @ $900-1,100+/- each

Important Mooney Annual Inspection Notes

Base annual price includes the inspection of the airframe and provides for 1 hour of our AI's time to research prior FAA required paperwork compliance, proper completeness of aircraft documents & flight manuals etc, and prior AD compliance documentation etc. Besides the obvious our usual additional charges for repairs squawks (parts & labor) found un-satisfactory at annual, all additional research and/or documentation necessary to bring the subject Mooney up to FAA Legal and/or Mooney Service Manual standards will be billed at our usual shop rate.

Important Mooney Maintenance Factoid

When picking a mechanic or shop, a consideration is always the cost of services provided or better yet; the value you receive. Experience shows our mechanics are well down on the learning curve so we are not learning on your Mooney. Our guys speak Mooney fluently and besides knowing every nut, bolt and rivet of your Mooney, we have all the factory tools and manuals, as well as numerous other custom tools, templates, and jigs which we have accumulated or made over the past 20+ years. Therefore, it naturally usually takes us far less time to do quality work on your Mooney than most anybody else---hence your costs can be more reasonable overall. In talking with our clients, often we find that our actual invoice charges can be 15% or 35%, less for Mooney maintenance than those charged back home or especially when on the road or at most any shop which does not specialize in Mooneys.

Once A Year ...

We recommend your Mooney visit a well known Mooney Expert facility at least once a year or at least, every other year. Therefore, bringing your Mooney to our shop in the heart of Florida's Tropical Vacationland, may not only be fun for you and your family while keeping your Mooney smiling, but be a better overall value as well.

Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart Shop & Maintenance Prices

All parts prices are approximate and not guaranteed up to date or accurate. All parts prices subject to change. You must call for current prices prior to scheduling.

#MS 200: JPI SCANNER/MONITORS 4 CYL. Base $2,595.00 6 CYL. Base $2,695.00

Options: OAT..$175, Digital Oil Temp..$195, TIT..$175

#MS 201: Heavy Duty duel TLS/Baron Style Brake System Installed $2,495.00

#MS 202: Stainless Steel Pilot Vent Window Hardware $65.00

#MS 203: F/Glass Belly Antenna Relocations if done with F/Glass Belly Mods $125.00

#MS 204: Emergency Exit Baggage Door Retrofit Kit Each Installed $1,495.00

#MS 205: Inertial Reel Shoulder Harness For Front Seats, For all M20's Call

#MS 206: Fixed Shoulder Harness Retrofit Kits, For all M20's $895.00+/-

#MS 207: Install OEM Factory Oxygen System Retrofit, Kit Call

#MS 208: Removal & Reinstallation, and test flying of most M20 Power plants, Includes MSC. $2,495.00

*Note: Does not include Lord Mounts, 4130 engine mount rework, hoses, belts, etc.

#MS 209: IFR Certification on Most M20's $299.00

Not including parts & avionics repairs.

#MS 210: McCauley QZP Scimitar Propeller each. $6,995.00+/-

#MS 211: Auxiliary Fuel Tanks, Additional 36 gal. $7,995.00+/-*

In most M20 installations, and approx. 30 gal. in most M20s equipped with speed brakes
* Including Monroy STC/Kit. Call for price for your specific Mooney.

#MS 212: Re-weighing and re-calculation of ships Weight & Balance $479.00

Note: We use top of the line Computerized RoadRunner Digital Scales.

NOTE: The prices as shown are to be used for budget purposes only.