Popular Mods and Up-Dates For All Mooneys Including M20J/201/MSE's & On

Illustration Notes on mod cut-a-way diagram above only refer to a sampling of popular mods available for M20J/201/MSE Type Mooneys. See Mod Menu list below for more mods and and details including prices.

NOTE: Prices shown here may be out of date and should be used for budget purposes only.

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CLICK on Illustration notations above or Mod Descriptions below for separate full mod descriptions and photos (Includes Before/after photos).

Besides utilizing the diagram above, you can CLICK on the Mod Name below for a separate page on each mod for more details and installation photos.

When determining what mods are applicable for which specific model or vintage Mooney, it is important for you to understand that our Mod Menu is presented in sort of a Building Block process. Please see M20K/Turbo etc. sections for more mods which may be applicable as well.

The mods listed here are generally applicable for most all M20's but many other mods listed elsewhere in the Turbo M20K sections may also be applicable for other M20's as well. Thus, besides the refurbishment etc. listed in other sections of our site (Paint/Interior/Glass/Maintenance, etc.), the combination of all the mods listed here (M20J section), and in the Pre-201 section constitutes the bulk of the mods and up-dates available for most Lycoming powered (Non Turbo) Mooneys M20's.

Besides contacting us directly and reading the other background and introduction information previously available within this modification section, we also recommend you print the Mod Menu for all 3 sections for future reference.

Note: Most every mod listed also has a Model Applicability Note.

Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart Mod Menu of Flight Speed Mods Primarily Intended for Most All M20's(including most M20J/201, M20K/231& On)

NOTE: Prices shown here may be out of date and should be used for budget purposes only. Check with us for current pricing and availability.

#106MM: 205/252 Style, Trophy 211 Speed Kit*: Priced Installed (w/out paint) $3,795.00+/-

Depending on exactly which year and model M20J or K you have, this effective Speed & Efficiency Kit usually comprises aproximately some 18+/- components as it is installed at our facility. When installed on most M20K/J's however, it usually it includes Teflon Aileron Gap Seals, Wing Root Faring, O/Lapping N/Gear Doors, various gap seals, and sometimes can include our Low Profile Main Gear Doors which involved rotating the brake pucks, etc.

*Note: For older Pre-M20J's see Mod Kit #100SMM which is priced at $4,995.00+/- Generally for early and even some later 201& 231's, and certain parts are also applicable for newer M20's as well. Ask for details.

#107MM: New Stronger & Quieter 1/4" Thick (Smoke Tinted) Side Glass Mod (As installed on pre-existing flush mounted windows found on M20J, K, M, R etc.) Installed From: $2,795.00+/-*

Replaces all the old 1/8" and/or 3/16" thick side glass with our Whisper Quiet 1/4" thick tinted glass. This mod is vital in the quest for a quieter cabin for all M20's as the Mooney cabin isn't monocoque in design, this thicker and stiffer glass helps significantly in reducing cabin din at cruise by assisting stiffening the entire cabin skin area.

IMPORTANT: Check 1/4" glass prices verbally as they can (and do) vary especially when glass is installed on a stand alone basis without a new interior etc. Price for glass alone is aproximately $3,195.00+/- depending on specific model M20. (Note: 1/4" Glass Refurb is applicable to all M20 Aircraft).

#108MM M20J & Up Double Thick 3/8" Windshield Mod: 3/8th Thick Windshield Replacement, Installed: $2,495.00+/-

This mod is priced re-using the existing Retainer Bow Assy. (part # 310-315-001). However, if your existing Retainer Bow Assy. can't be re-used, additional strap or retainer bow assy. is extra. Painting charge will also apply. (For M20J & up including Ovations)

IMPORTANT: Our popular 1/4 Thick Windshield is also available @ $1,995.00+/-* which fits M20J's & up.

Keep in mind, stock thickness is only 3/16th, and thicker glass is not only significantly quieter but markedly stronger in the event of a bird strike etc. This mod requires removing your old 3/16 plexiglass and replace it with a double strength 3/8" thick unit, or the (still thicker than stock) 1/4" unit. For M20J's & Up.

*This mod is priced re-using the existing Retainer Bow Assy. or lower strap (part # 310-315-001). However, if your existing Retainer Bow Assy. can't be re-used, additional strap or retainer bow assy. is extra. Painting charge will apply. (For M20J & up including Ovations)

#109MM: Custom Interior Installed From $3,775.00+/-

We are famous for our Award Winning show quality Mooney Custom Super Plush Leather, Designer Fabric, and Gathered/Soft Touch Calfskin Interiors. (Please see our separate Custom Interior and Glass Section for more details.)

Popular Options:
Factory articulating front seats. 252/205 Special Edition Arm Rests for pilots seat. Mooney Marts Whisper Sound Proofing Pkg.

Note: See separate Interior & Glass Section for details, including photos of our famous Soft Touch Calf Skin. (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft)

#110MM: Whisper (Super) Soundproofing Package: Installed (with other mods): $995.00+/-

This kit utilizes the factory service bulletin kit M20-208 along with two additional layers and densities of insulation. Includes M20-208 Service Kit.

Note: #110MM is priced if this mod is done with other mods or interiors simultaneously which also require removing the interior etc. Additional charge will be applied if this mod is done as a stand alone basis. (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft)

#111MM: 205/252 Style 1 Piece Fiberglass Belly Pan: Installed $6,795.00+/-

Do not confuse this mod with any other look a like or less intensive PMA type belly mod! We utilize all OEM factory components and duplicate the Factory installation exactly! We DO USE THE (reportedly) inferior quality substitute belly panels.

Note: Charge to relocate antennas to the inside of the new fiberglass belly $175.00+/- each (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft)

#112MM: High Performance Aircraft Engine Overhaul: (IO-360-A1A or B6D 200hp Fuel Injected) $16,000.00-18,900.00+/-

0-360-A1A (180hpw/Carburetor) $16,250.00+/- Note: individual prices vary, dependent inspection and/on condition accessories etc. Normally, as custom in the industry, the owner guarantees steel parts will pass inspection and be re-usable. Not included; vac. pump, prop, & prop gov o/haul. See the full page on our High Performance engines for more details.

#113MM/MR: Optional 36 Gal. Auxiliary Fuel Tanks: Installed $5,995.00+/-

Frankly, we feel we do a better installation on this mod than anyone else!

As installed in our facility these Aux. Fuel tanks add approximate. 36 gal w/out speed brakes, and approximate. 30 if installed along with speed brakes. This is perhaps the single most valuable mod we offer for those M20's which find themselves traveling beyond the usual stock ranges as by not making the annoying fuel stop, you can usually shave some hour off most trips. (labor & material) (Applicable to most all M20 Aircraft).

#114MM: Mooney M20L PFM or TLS Style Wing Mounted Landing Lights: One side wing only, each Installed $2,495.00+/-

Options: Precise Flight Pulse Lights-One system: $695.00+/- (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft)

#115MM: 201 Style (Low Drag) Fiberglass Dorsal Fin: Installed $995.00+/-

Options: moving existing flex ELT ant. inside the new dorsal fin: $295.00+/- Note: ELT price may vary dependent on individual installation. (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft not yet having a F/Glass Dorsal fin.)

#116MM: Precise Flight™ Speed Brakes: Not including paint $5,995.00+/-

Very effective mod/option & highly recommended as they help make every landing a squat and squeaker on the numbers nearly every time. For all M20's. Note: Includes Mooney Marts famous Anti-Wrinkle Wing Skin Beef Up Mod. M20's w/Aux Tank Mod $495.00+/- extra. (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft)

#117MM: Precise Flight™ Stand By Vacuuum System: Installed from $995.00+/-

Note: Price may vary dependant on specific aircraft & engine. (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft)

#118MM: OEM Factory Style Fold Down Or Individually Folding Cargo Rear Seats: Installed $1,950.00 to $6,895.00+/-

Available for Most pre-1982 M20's & highly recommended. Note: The price varies whether you choose the OEM Individual Folding Rear Seats, or our One Piece Fold Down Rear Seat Mod. However, in any event, it does not include re-upholstering rear seats which would be optional. (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft prior to '82 not yet having same installed)

#119MM: Mooney OEM Fully Articulating Seats (each) $2,695.00 TO $3,495.00+/-

For any M20 but on some models must be installed w/the new style new seat rails and/or new style current production seat backs. Options: 252/205 Special M/W Beefed Up MAC Arm Rest (or below) or Lasar Arm rest between Pilot and Co Pilot seat: $495.00+/- Note: Price does not include upholstery. (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft prior to '82 not yet having same installed)

Quality OEM Mods Aren't An Expense, They Are An Investment

You may also note, like the vast majority of our OEM Factory Style Mods, this mod is listed in The AIRCRAFT BLUEBOOK PRICE DIGEST as adding significantly to re$ale value.

#120MM: MSE/Ovation Style Fiberglass Sculptured Wing Tips Installed From $2,495.00 to $5,795.00+/-

The OEM style mod requires us to replace both the ailerons and the outboard most skins, while the Lasar Add-On F/Glass Tips @ $2,495.00+/- do not, but are significantly less expensive. The 252 Style Tips w/white rear facing recognition lights are aproximately $5,795.00+/- Options: Install Internal Hi-Efficiency VOR Blade antennas internally and remove stock cats whisker VOR antennas on tail add: $1,995.00+/- Strobe lights add: $1,490.00+/-
(Applicable to all M20 Aircraft prior not yet having same installed)

#121MM: Install Custom VOR Blade Wing Tip Antennas In Existing Fiberglass Tips Installed: $2,295.00+/-

Removes VOR antennas from tail and hides antenna in wing tips.
Note: Price includes all parts except optional strobes etc.

#122MM/LA: Install Low Profile Inner Gear Doors On 2 Door System M20J& K'S Installed$995.00+/-

Note: Price includes rotating brake pucks and does not include painting the new low rag gear doors to match existing paint.(Applicable to all M20 Aircraft prior not yet having same installed)

#123MM: OEM MOoney MSE/Encore Overlapping &And Self Sealing Nose Gear doors Installed $995.00+/-

Highly recommended for all Mooneys as they help quiet the cabin exhaust din markedly as well as add a few Kts. @ cruise. Note: Price includes a 1 hour allowance for re-rigging the nose gear, but does not include painting the new doors to match. (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft prior to '84 not yet having same installed)

#124MM: Custom1/2 Instrument Panel Mod Please Call for price.

This mod replaces one of the worst panels in GA with one of the best! (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft prior to '77 not yet having same installed)

#125MM: Bose ANR Headsets Price Aproximately $995.00+/-

Important Notes: See separate price lists in other sections such as Interiors/Glass, Avionics/Autopilot for current prices, and applicability prior to ordering custom interiors, avionics, Bose Headsets, avionics or autopilot installs.

All Mod prices herein listed are estimates as we reserve the right to change specifications, prices, and applicability without notice and upon examination of your individual specific Mooney. Damage History or previous Mods may make your aircraft non OEM and thus affect our ability to install certain mods etc. Any and all quotes therefore, are not binding until inspection is made of your aircraft and may be subject to change due to items out of our control such as hidden damage, mods, corrosion, etc.

Most all our Mods utilize the much preferred OEM (Original Equipment Mfg.) factory procedures, components, and parts unless otherwise noted. Painting (although offered) is never included in pricing except where specifically noted otherwise.

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