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3 Modified Mooneys

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Did you know ...
In reality, Mooney Aircraft Co. employed sort of a continuous product improvement process with certain model M20s and thus some of our mod/up-grades are more applicable for certain vintage M20's than others. For example, most all of theM20J up-date/mods are retrofitable for both the older pre-201 Mooneys as well as early vintage 201's. Likewise on the M20K/252 mods for the older M20K/231's etc.

The model links in the left column take this into consideration and thus break down the mods into being suitable for 3 separate model M20's. So unless you are already intimately familiar with the Mooney mod process, modifying a Mooney can appear to be be sort of a complex process.

Prior to going directly to our model links, it might be better if you could take a minute to read what follows as well as investigate the associated mod info pages linked at the bottom.

Why Modify A Mooney?


Because of 3 easy to overlook Factoids:

1) The M20 Design Is A Study In Continuous Design Improvement In an almost un-heard evolution of a single production design current production model Mooneys have increased cruise speeds some 50 MPH while allowing nearly double the horsepower, with gross weight increase of some 1,000 lbs. with no (or only minimal) design changes in just a few minor structural areas!

2) The Basic Mooney Airframe Is Nearly Identical To Current Production M20's The M20 airframe has an estimated 78% parts commonality between nearly all (all metal) Mooneys ever produced; thus making older M20s practical to retrofit new OEM up-grades.

3) Not Only Is It Practical, But Mods Make Good Economic Sense We proved it not only could be done, but it was practical and valuable to do so! Note: There were no (fully) Modified Mooneys until Coy modified the very first one in 1979. For more info & photos see our History & Bio's pages.

Bluebook Market Factoid:

Aircraft Blue Book The resale marketplace loves OEM* modified Mooneys and (just as importantly), the Mooney airframe is absolutely ideally suited for Mods. Why? Consequently, the vast majority of the older M20 airframes virtually cry out to be retrofitted with current production improvements and up-grades (mods).

*Note: OEM designates Original Equipment Manufacturer or items which duplicate exactly components and practices Mooney Aircraft Co. utilizes in production aircraft.

By the way, when we speak of Mods we actually usually refer to not only Speed and Efficiency Mods, but a whole process of up-grading, improving, modernizing, and refurbing older Mooneys. This can even mean our (formal) Mod Squad Renaissance Process applicable to the entire Mooney product line.

Few owner flown class of general aviation aircraft are better suited for up-grades or modifications than the Mooney M20 airframe. The new Mooneys you currently drool over coming down the production lines have evolved from the same basic (or identical) fuselage, tail, and wings as first started down the Kerrville production line some 36+ years ago as the fast, but modest 180 Hp Mooney (all metal) M20B.

The fact that a brilliant aeronautical engineer (Ralph Harmon) engineered and designed the all metal Mooney cut his teeth on, and first designed the original Beechcraft V-Tail Bonanza, has largely contributed to the fact that the Mooney has been so successful. Folklore has it that to compensate for the early structural problems with the Bonanza V-Tail project, designer/engineer Harmon purposely over-designed the (all metal) Mooney!

Thus, we are all blessed with a super strong or overbuilt Mooney M20 which has proven to be nearly impossible to overstep the design criteria (soup up), or over modify. FAA/NTSB stats bear out, the Mooney has proven to be one of (if not) the strongest and best built single engine aircraft ever!

The Older M20 Mooney Airframe ... A Classic?

While in some ways the Mooney basic M20 design certainly qualifies as a "classic", in today's real world, Mooneys aren't being used as "exhibit only" or rarely driven collector items such as certain collectors sports cars such as '56 Thunderbirds or '62 Corvettes where totally "stock" is popular. After all, nowadays most such cars are being kept under wraps in a garage someplace and only driven on sunny Sundays and to vintage car shows!

Facts are, in the real world the vast majority of all Mooneys are currently used to go places, fast and efficiently in today's busy airspace. And the owners of today are no longer satisfied with the slower, cramped, noisy airframes of yesterday when they know something much better is economically available today via practical retrofits, mods, and up-dates.

What was acceptable back then when older M20's were originally designed and produced simply won't do now without the improvements and modernization's now commonplace. No matter when they were originally assembled at the factory, most Mooney aircraft now find themselves in today's demanding airspace where every last bit of safety, comfort, speed & efficiency is important. Many find themselves in often time hostile weather systems while being used by busy professional folks who can't always afford to be noise fatigued by needless cabin din, or to wait it out days on end for near perfect flying or traveling conditions.

Consequently, besides dramatically decreasing pilot fatigue while increasing overall performance, comfort, and visual appeal (read; sexy), the vast majority of all the mods and retrofits we have perfected over the last 20+ make good $ense. There is no doubt that over the years our high quality OEM Mods have proven to add to utility, appearance, safety, and perhaps just as important; add real value. Many of our mods make the whole Mooney experience quieter, more enjoyable, and safer for all the cabin occupants.

There is little question modernizing the basic super efficient and amazingly strong Mooney airframe adds dramatically to overall enjoyment and utility of Mooney ownership and operation.

Why we say: "Nobody knows Mooneys better!"

Facts are, virtually no modified Mooneys existed prior to Coy Jacob modifying (or remanufacturing) his personal M20E into a OEM factory 201/MSE clone in the late '70's. Consequently, for over 20 years, most every world wide aviation magazine has termed Coy as: "The Mooney Mod Pioneer and best known Mooney expert when buying, modifying, or selling a Mooney".

Besides, few (if any) others have won as many MAPA and Mooneys Factory Choice Awards as Coy's Modified Mooneys.

Our OEM Factory Mods Have Established Bluebook Values:

Aircraft Blue Book Consequently, The World Marketplace Not Only Recognizes, But Seeks Out Our super quality Modified Mooneys.

In short, OEM factory mods have proven to make good sense from just about any prospective. Virtually every major U.S. lender and insurance carrier recognizes our Mods has adding significantly (commonly 70-80% of cost) to the valuation of the subject Mooney. Besides offering dramatically greater speed, utility, and performance, many of the up-grades and mods we offer can add to pilot and passenger comfort and security as well as overall safety.

In fact, it is entirely possible to take an older pre-201 Mooney and transform them into nearly identical current production models in almost every sense of the word.

When choosing a shop to modify or up-grade your Mooney Remember: Why take it to a pupil when the professor is (still) holding court?

By the way, when people ask; "Do you have this mod available for my Mooney?" We pride ourselves on just about never having to say, "No!" Now, anybody ever seen our modified vintage GB Racer Mod?