Popular Mods and Up-Dates Primarily For Pre-201 Type Mooneys (M20B, C, D, E, F, G)

Illustration notes above only refer to a partial sampling of popular mods available for Pre-201 M20's (M20C, E, F, G). See mod list below for more mods and/or email us directly for more details incl. current prices.

NOTE: Prices shown here may be out of date and should be used for budget purposes only.

How To Use This Mod Section

CLICK on Illustration notations and diagram above or Mod Description below for full mod descriptions and photos.

When determining what mods are applicable for which specific model or vintage Mooney, it is important for you to understand that our Mod Menu is presented in sort of a Building Block process. Older vintage Mooney owners should also see 201/MSE and M20K/Turbo etc. sections for many more mods which may be applicable to their model Mooneys as well.

Many of the mods listed here are only applicable for pre-201's, but many other mods listed on the M20J/201/MSE Section are also applicable for pre-201's as well as other model Mooneys. Therefore, older vintage owners should also refer to the M20J/MSE Section as both sections combined constitute the bulk of the mods available for Lycoming powered non-turbo Mooneys.

Besides contacting us directly and reading the other information available within this section, we also recommend you print the Mod Menu's 3 sections for future reference later.

Note: Most every mod listed also has a Model Applicability Note.

Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart Mod Menu of Flight Speed Mods Primarily Intended for Pre-201 Mooneys (M20B, C, D, E, F, G)

#100SMM: 201/212 Trophy Speed Kit Mod Installed: $4,995.00+/-

This kit is most effective of any speed mod we offer! Not to be confused with ony other gap and faring kit. It is the heart of any Pre-201 speed process. As installed at our facility is actually a complete assembly of most all of the OEM M20J/K style farings and seals commonly sold individually (by others), but in our installed kit, we include most together forming a very comprehensive and effective 211 Flight Speed Speed Kit Mod. For most pre-201's it usually contains some 36+/- components, and when done in it's entirety, is the single most effective speed mod we offer.

We consider it the Cornerstone Mod for all Pre-201 M20's and all owners say it is A MUST! (Applicable to: M20C, E, F, G)

Popular Speed Kit Options
252/TLS Fiber Glass Dorsal Fin Mod (without internal or hidden ELT antenna) Installed $995.00+/-
252/TLS Fiber Glass Dorsal Fin Mod (With re-locating existing internal ELT antenna to the inside of fin; 2+ mph gain!) $1,295.00+/-
LASAR (Type) Cowl Closure Mod: Installed Deluxe Between The Seams-OEM/Factory style installation (paint extra). $1,295.00+/-

#101AMM : LASAR (Type) Cowl Closure Mod Installed: $1,295.00+/-

Immensely helps older vintage M20 metal cowl by enclosing the lower 1/2 of the old (oversize) gaping inlet from 174 sq.in. to approx 125 sq.in. with an attractive Fiberglass smile faring. Unlike others, when we install it, it is blended or tucked into the older cowl between the seams so as to appear like OEM, not an add on! It adds 3-5 MPH and should be on every older Mooney. (Applicable to: M20C, E, F, G)

#101MM: LoPresti Super Cowl Mod (For M20E/Fs) Installed $11,900.00 - $18,795.00+/-

This mod is the single most dramatic mod that can be done to a 4 banger powered Mooney and completely changes your Pre-201 firewall forward into a LoPresti Super 211 with an increased cruise 12-16 MPH! The price varies because of the availability of used or pre-owned OEM M20J cowl/baffle components required. Call for details.

Important Note: We have other Cowl Mods from approx. $2,995.00 and up, and effective cowl closure mods from $1,295.00. Call for more details as to your cowl up-grade options. (Applicable to: M20E, F and possibly 180Hp C)

#102MM: 201/252 3/8" Factory M20J/R OEM Windshield Mod Installed: $6,895.00+/-

This OEM MOD IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH ANY similar appearing but cheaper non-factory (PMA type) ADD-ONS. Unsure about the differences? Ask Mooney or us for details. Also available is the 1/4" thick Windshield Mod at $5,895.00+/-See separate 102MM 201 Windshield Mod page for more details.(Applicable to: M20C, E, F, G with the 3/8" thick windshield being an up-grade to all M20's)

#103MM: 201 Type Inner Gear Door And Beef Up Kit - Manual Gear Installed $3,475.00+/-

This mod is intended primarily for manual gear Mooneys, and is much more than just bolting on a set of 201 gear doors! Price includes a complete re-rigging of gear and installing stronger (or beefed-up) gear components. (Applicable to: M20C, E, F, G)

#104MM: 201 Type Inner Gear Door And Beef Up Kit - For Electric Gear Installed $6,950.00+/-

(call w/your Ser#. for exact quote on your specific M20.) For most pre-210's. This mod is much more than just bolting on a set of 201 gear doors! This mod includes; new stronger main torque tubes, new nose gear torque tubes, all new stronger and (higher extension speed) Heavy Duty 252/205 style gear motor and transmission. (Applicable to: M20C, E, F, G).

#105MM : MSE/201/Encore Factory Style Instrument Panel Mod Installed $9,690.00+/-

This mod completely removes one of the worst panels in aviation, and replaces it with one of The Best! We duplicate the factory Installation, and use all new factory OEM Parts.

#124MM: Custom 1/2 Instrument Panel Mod: Installed $1,750.00-3,500.00 +/-

This 1/2 Panel Mod installs a standard T-Scan type Pilots Flight Group Panel only on the left side. (Call for exact quote) (Applicable to: M20C, E, F, G)

Quality OEM Mods Aren't An Expense, They Are An Investment

You may also note, like the vast majority of our OEM Factory Style Mods, this mod is listed in The AIRCRAFT BLUEBOOK PRICE DIGEST as adding significantly to re$ale value.

#120MM: OEM MSE/Ovation Style Fiberglass Sculptured Wing Tips* Installed: $6,995.00*+/-

This mod involves duplicating the factory M20J and on installation by changing the outboard wing skins along with installing the newer internal outboard aileron rib/counterweight assy. Usually, new ailerons are also included, but you should check with us for your specific model M20. In short, this mod duplicates the stock factory Mooney OEM Original Equipment Mfg.) installation exactly, and is not to be confused with other less efficient and un-attractive (non-oem "bolt on" type) W/Tips which retain the original aileron counterweight etc. Options: Install Internal Hi-Efficiency VOR Blade antennas internally inside the Fiberglass Wing Tip Assy. (And remove the stock cats whisker VOR antennas commonly found on vert stab/tail), add: $1,995.00+/-Strobe lights or Forward Facing Recognition or the nifty additional Peripheral Quarts Landing Lights, add: $1,590.00+/-

*Important Note: This mod is not to be confused with the less expensive but esthetically pleasing Lasar style add on type tip. The Lasar style tips are available for approx. $2,995.00+/- installed, but DO NOT change the aileron counter weights or the end wing skin. (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft prior not yet having same installed)

#121MM: Install Custom VOR Blade Wing Tip Antennas In Existing Fibeglass Tips: Installed $2,495.00+/-

Intended for M20's already having F/Glass Antennas (such as previously modified older M20's, M20J/K's etc.) Removes VOR antennas from tail and hides antenna in wing tips. Note: Price includes all parts except optional strobes etc.

#122MM/LA: Install Low Profile Inner Gear Doors On 2 Door system M20J & K: Installed $1,995.00+/-

Note: Price includes rotating brake pucks but (like all mod pricing), does not include painting the new low drag gear doors to match existing paint. (Applicable and recommended for all M20 Aircraft prior not yet having same installed)

#123MM: OEM Mooney MSE/252/Encore Overlapping (Full sealing) Nose Gear Doors Installed $1,495.00+/-

This mod not only increases cruise, but also assists in significantly lowering the exhaust din and thus making the cabin quieter. This simple mod is sooo effective, we strongly recommend this for all Mooneys and feel there is no excuse to by flying a M20 with out them! Note: Price includes 1 hour labor allowance to re-rig the N/Gear but (like all mods) does not include painting the new doors to match. (Applicable to all M20 Aircraft prior to '84 not yet having same installed).

Mod Notes: See separate price lists in other sections such as Interiors/Glass, Avionics/Autopilots for current prices, and applicability prior to ordering custom interiors, avionics, Bose Headsets, avionics or autopilot installs. All Mod prices herein listed are estimates as we reserve the right to change specifications, prices, and applicability without notice and upon examination of your individual specific Mooney. Damage History or previous Mods may make your aircraft non OEM and thus affect our ability to install certain mods etc. Any and all quotes therefore, are not binding until inspection is made of your aircraft and may be subject to change due to items out of our control such as hidden damage, mods, corrosion, etc.

Most all our Mooney Mods utilize the much preferred OEM (Original Equipment Mfg.) factory procedures, components, and parts unless otherwise noted. Painting (although offered) is never included in pricing except where specifically noted otherwise.

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