Mods And Up-Dates Primarily Intended For Turbo M20K (& On) Mooneys

Important Turbo Notes: Many airframe type mods listed elsewhere (such as the M20J/201/MSE sections) may also be applicable to turbo M20K Mooneys. See M20J 201 Section as well.

NOTE: Prices shown here may be out of date and should be used for budget purposes only.

How To Use This Mod Section

CLICK on Illustration notations above or Mod Descriptions below for separate full mod descriptions and photos (Incl. Before/after photos).

Besides utilizing the diagram above, you can CLICK on the Mod Name below for a separate page on each mod for more details and installation photos.

When determining what mods are applicable for which specific model or vintage Mooney, it is important for you to understand that our Mod Menu is presented in sort of a Building Block process. Please see M20 201 etc. sections for more mods which may be applicable as well.

Besides contacting us directly and reading the other background and introduction information previously available within this modification section, we also recommend you print the Mod Menu for all 3 sections for future reference later.

Note: Most every mod listed also has a Model Applicability Note.

Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart Menu of Mods Intended for All Turbo M20K's including most M20K/231's

#100AMM: Award Winning Flight Speed 263 Mod/Reman Package: Installed $68,995.00-79,995.00+/-

This mod converts a M20K/231 into a OEM factory M20K/252, FWF. Price includes new MB engine w/Garret Intercooler & Auto W/Gate, and either a new or remanufactured M20K/252 cowl assy. etc. The Mod package is priced with exchange; w/flyable 231 engine core. Base price is installed at our facility. You may also wish to see our separate literature and/or page on this well received modification package. *New VS Used 252 cowls & reman VS O/Hauled MB engine) Applicable to all M20K/231's)

#101AMM: Dual (Optional) 70/80 Amp Alternator & Regulator Package: Installed $4,955.00+/-

(Strongly recommended) Virtually every 262 Mod has been done with this option. (Applicable to all M20K/231's)

#102MMA: Hi Efficiency 252 Style McCauley 221 Series Propeller: With Boots $6,995.00+/- without Boots approx. $5,795.00+/-

This Prop(2A34C 221/90DHC-16E) is the High Efficiency 252/Encore prop and is Priced exchange for your 231 216; prop. Note: You must guarantee your old prop to be rebuild able. (Applicable to all M20K/231's)

#117M: Engine Driven Stand By Vacuum System: Installed $995.00+/-

Note: Manual operation w/light, works off engine vacuum. (Applicable to all M20's)

#104MMA: 241CC Finned Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump Kit: (exchange) Installed $895.00+/-

Price usually includes 2 optional cooling kits PMA blast kit & MAC V/pump Exhaust Venting Kit. (Applicable to all M20's)

#105MMA: Award 263 Flight Speed Kit: Installed on most M20K's $4,995.00+/-

Note: Depending on the exact year 231, price usually includes the 252's overlapping N/Gear Doors, various gap and fairings, rotating brake pucks and low profile main doors (w/o STC). The overlapping nose gear doors are OEM 252 style and help quiet the cabin dramatically at cruise. (Applicable to all M20K & On M20's)

#106MMA: Double Thick 3/8" WIndshield Mod: Installed $2,675.00*+/-

This mod dramatically quiets cabin as well as provide for a much stronger windshield. Also available is our popular 1/4" thick W/shield @ $2,395.00+/- w/out Retainer Bow Assy. *New Cowl Deck Retainer Assy. and painting extra, if required. (Applicable to all M20J/K's & On M20's Incl. TLS/Ovations)

Important Mod Notes: See separate price lists in other sections such as Interiors/Glass, Avionics/Autopilots for current prices, and applicability prior to ordering custom interiors, avionics, Bose Headsets, avionics or autopilot installs. Not all mods offered are listed herein. Call for complete up-to-date list.

All Mod prices herein listed are estimates as we reserve the right to change specifications, prices, and applicability without notice and upon examination of your individual specific Mooney. Damage History or previous Mods may make your aircraft non OEM and thus affect our ability to install certain mods etc. Any and all quotes therefore, are not binding until inspection is made of your aircraft and may be subject to change due to items out of our control such as hidden damage, mods, corrosion, etc.

Most all our Award Winning Flight Speed Mods utilize the much preferred OEM (Original Equipment Mfg.) factory procedures, components, and parts unless otherwise noted. Painting (although offered) is never included in pricing except where specifically noted otherwise.

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