Welcome to our Mooney Renaissance And Custom Paint Refurbishment Section for Mooneys.

(Please scroll down to see the note at the bottom of the page when considering painting your Mooney and establishing a budget for this type of work)

The more you learn about us, the more you find that we are unique in that we are a One Stop Shop for all your Mooney wants and needs. Truly a Mooney Owners Candy Store.

We are one of the few (if not the only) Mooney shops in the U.S. who can perform virtually any function on your Mooney from Corrosion X Fogging, major Renaissance Programs, to complete strip and repaints up to better than showroom standards.

The stats show that our clients have won dozens of MAPA and Mooney Factory Choice Awards and as we specialize in Mooney Only custom painting and calfskin or plush leather interiors.

Our Mooneys are gorgeous on the inside, outside, and all that's in between!

Our Paint & Detail Shop Received The Highest Recommendations From Aviation Consumer Magazine... Who Better Could You Get To Evaluate A Paint Shop?

Our Custom Paint & Detail Shop was recently the subject of a rave review AVIATION CONSUMER Magazine whereas our Renaissance Paint Detail and Paint Tune-Up Procedures were outlined as entirely viable methods to stretch the life of otherwise good paint. The article also addressed the quality of workmanship our former Master Paintmeister Curt Byas had achieved.

In fact, we probably put more Mooneys through our Award Winning detail/interior/refurb shop than anyone else in the industry. Want to see a few?


Our Master Paintmeister was touted as achieving a perfect blend of both color and texture and by spot painting and sometimes, even painting entire sections (such as the top & leading edge of wings and fuselages etc.), resulting in a finished job which has the appearance and near longevity of a total new paint job at a fraction of the cost!

Remember: No matter how good the paint job is, if there is active un-treated corrosion present it is all for naught!

Fortunately however, Coy also wrote the book on how to Corrosion Proof G/A airframes as he has become an expert on aircraft corrosion. In fact, (as an investigative reporter) he authored numerous GA corrosion research articles for several nationwide aviation magazines which ferreted out both the products which block corrosion, as well as how to recognize and implement the procedures to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Naturally, his shop is World Renown for their corrosion preventative treatments, inspections, and corrosion repairs on Mooneys.

We Offer Four Versatile Paint Job Options

1) A Custom Detailing or Refurbishment To Pre-existing Paint "tune up" (so to speak). Our process was the subject of a recent Aviation Consumer evaluation and resultant article where it was herald as a completely satisfactory and economical alternative to a totally new paint job. Our unique process as shown to prolong the life of an otherwise salvageable but less than desirable existing paint job while taking about 1/3 the time and less than that cost. Price varies on the work required, condition and scheme of existing paint but usually entails a moderate amount of professional (perfection) blending, touch up and can even include re-painting of entire upper (dull) surfaces.

Usually we can effectively double the acceptable life (appearance) and utility of a paint job while usually returning back to the owner a "near new" appearing Mooney!
Common price ranges: $800+/- to $3,600+.

2) A Complete Overcoat over (well adhering but otherwise dull) pre-existing Paint. Usually this process is reserved to aircraft who's pre-existing paint has good adhesion, color, and design but has dulled back or oxidized to the point of being un-salvageable. If done properly and certain stringent preparation and design guidelines are adhered to, it can be a relatively economical way to garner a quality overall new paint job at a significant savings over a complete strip and re-paint.
Common price ranges: $4,750 to $6,750+/-.

3) A Custom Complete Strip and Reseal Paint Job. This is the mainstay of most aircraft paint shops with ours being different in that our staff specialize in Mooneys and know every painting quirt or nook and cranny of your Mooney. We know what designs and colors are the most appealing and how to make your Mooney look and feel "Better than New".

This potential beauty is just leaving for the Paint Shop and is a typical Before M20 Same M20 After, A Complete Custom Strip and Repaint; Ready to Deliver. Note: This older vintage M20 has been highly modified w/our OEM Factory ΒΌ" W/Shield Mod & M20J Inst. Panel, S/Kit, Cowl Closure, F/Glass W/Tips, and many other Renaissance Mods incl. a Custom Calfskin Interior etc.

Usually most owners specify a Really White or Off White base and two metallic accent colors and perhaps a third suggestive accent stripe. One popular option however, is substituting our (optional) metallic type Pearlesence Base colors in place of a standard White base. Pearlesence base colors are true Show Plane type colors and are guaranteed to draw a crowd at most any ramp! Our history shows, our custom paint jobs are second to none and remember, we aren't learning on your Mooney
Price Ranges: $8,500-$10,500+/-.

4) Our Concourse Pearlesence guaranteed and (optional) Featherfill Strip and Renaissance Re-paints.
This is our trademark signature paint job! Nobody knows how to make a Mooney look the way we do while garnering the FBO reception area emptying and draw a concourse crowd the way we do! We specialize in up-scale Base Coat/Clear coat products like the Mercedes derived Glassire product line and rather than the usual white base, often recommend Pearlesence (metallic) base colors with affluent metallic accents which are then protected by a high tech (non yellowing/chipping) super tough protective clear coat. This results in a seamless finish which neither your hand, silk scarf, or the persnickety airflow can detect where one color starts and the other stops! Usually, when combined with our (optional) NASA flight test proven wing Detailing and Featherfilling (as verified in Aviation Consumer Mag.), we can garner a significant reduction in parasitic drag and a noticeable increase in cruise performance.

This is the exact same painting/Featherfilling process which Coy pioneered on several of his personal CAFE & NAA/FAI World Speed Record holder Mooneys which drew crowds while on display at Oshkosh and Sun N Fun, and also winning all MAPA Awards including overall Best of Show!
Common price range: $10,900+--Call for quote.

Important Paint Shop Notes: Please understand that (being a petrochemical) paint prices have can go up considerably in a short time. While we endeavor to keep the budget prices posted here (as well as this web site in general) up to date, as of the last few years recent enthusiastic enforcement of stringent EPA restrictions/regulations as well as the dramatic increase in raw petrochemical prices has had the effect of both increasing the cost of the typical paint job and greatly hindering the (prior) proliferation of aircraft painting facilities nationwide.

To be clear, aircraft painting has increased in both price and complexity to the point that prices have effectively nearly doubled in the last few years, all the while the number of paint shops dwindled. Typically it isn't out of line as of the summer of '07 to pay $9-11k plus for a quality Mooney strip and paint job at many quality facilities.