Why You Should Allow Our Mooney Marketing Organization To Sell Your Mooney

As a Mooney owner you probably are familiar with our organization or Coy's previous notable involvement with Mooneys. Most industry observers and journalists would have to admit, few individuals have affected any one GA industry market as much as he has within the Mooney marketplace.

What This Means Is:

At one time or anther, most all prospective buyers will come to our organization while in their quest for a Mooney: Clear and Simple.

With the publication of our popular Mooney Buyers Kit and Coy's various articles published in national magazines and our book; The Backwards Tales, most every buyer now comes armed with lots more Mooney information than ever before! Because many potential buyers consider him The Mooney Guru and our organization as The Market and Mod Authority! It only makes sen$e for you to consider allowing our organization to maximize your Mooney Money when selling!

Advantages Our Organization Offers To Any Mooney Owner Contemplating Selling Are:

1) Our organization is the best known and largest Mooney dealer/broker in the world!
That means buyers the world over view us as being market setting the yardstick within the Mooney marketplace.

2) Most buyers view us as being THE One Stop, Hassle Free Source for their new/used Mooney.
We offer trustworthy in house expert pre-buy inspections, insurance, financing, and world famous mod/refurbs they always seem to want when purchasing a used Mooney. They don't want the hassle of transporting their new aircraft to many sources just to get it into the shape they want to utilize it. They are busy productive individuals who demand (and will pay) for the Mooney of their dreams in an atmosphere they can both trust and depend on long term.

3) We have the ability to stretch the market for your specific Mooney!
That means, we can equip, refurb, modify, and actually create THE MOONEY the prospective buyer is dreaming about from your Mooney. Many times serious M20J/201 buyers would never consider a stock M20F for example, but when we present our videos to them dramatically showing how we can transform Mooney into just what they are dreaming about, they fall in love with the idea of creating or building just the Mooney of their dreams out of a M20 like the one you may be selling!

All Mooney Buyers Know: No other dealer/broker in the world can do what we do with Mooneys, and do what we do best; day in and day out.

Sellers: Let us broker or appraise your Mooney.

Download our Mooney Seller Contact Questionaire. Fill out the form and fax back to Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart 941-485-4571. Dowload the form as a Microsoft Word Document or Adobe Acrobat File.