It Is True, We Are Cash Buyers For Your Mooney

While you can find lots of the usual dealer ads which all claim to be fast cash buyers for your aircraft, just maybe not all such claims are equal!

At Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart, we not only provide cash on your ramp, but we also offer something else. We also offer our 20+ years of experience of being perhaps the largest stocking Mooney Dealer in the World and thus leading the Mooney marketplace while also reporting on it in most of the aviation re-sale journals.

We think it is nearly always wise to take a few minutes (or longer) to consult and fully discuss ALL YOUR OPTIONS with the leading experts when selling. Most of the time, this means we will provide a Free objective (official) BLUEBOOK Aircraft Price Digest Computerized Appraisal of your Mooney as well as our latest up-date of the current market conditions. Let face it, selling a Mooney can be a very emotional experience, and sometimes it pays to take a few minutes to consult with a well known Mooney market expert before you do something you may regret latter.

Remember: Nobody knows the Mooney Marketplace like us; NOBODY!

Again, we are nearly always serious cash buyers, but many times we can maximize the return on selling your Mooney by offering various other rapid response marketing options.

1) For example, if you do not need to cash out within hours or a day or two, often we can provide you with 5%,10%, 15% or even more for your Mooney by letting us inter into a contract (see Brokerage section) with you so as to allow us to purpose our files and computerized data base for "ready cash retail buyers". More often than not, we can place your Mooney right in a waiting ready buyers hangar and return to you the maximum which is normally significantly greater than any legitimate dealer could by a speculative outright purchase.

2) We also offer countless amazingly effective ways to stretch the market appeal of your Mooney, thus making it appeal to a far greater number of potential buyers. We are famous for marketing specific Mooneys to a buyer who wouldn't otherwise ever even answer an ad on that particular "stock" Mooney, let alone purchase it! A huge portion of our production is creating Custom Dream Mooneys for specific buyers out of (otherwise) drab Mooneys.

Therefore, it always pays to (at least) consult with us prior to selling your Mooney to anyone for any price.

When requesting marketing evaluations, consultations, and/or appraisals, for accuracy and the best response from us, you are urged to complete the Mooney Seller Contact Questionaire. Fill out the form and fax back to Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart 941-485-4571. Dowload the form as a Microsoft Word Document or Adobe Acrobat File. And/or FAX us a Spec. Sheet (941-485-4571) on your specific Mooney.