Note: As of Oct. 1 2009 we moved our Florida facilities from the Venice VNC Airport to the Sarasota - Bradenton SRQ Airport. We will redo this page as soon as our workload permits.

How To Contact Us, Local Instructions And Drive-in and Fly-In Directions

Map of South Florida

Venice, Florida In Relation To Common Airline Hubs And Popular South Florida Destinations Click On Map For Larger Arial View Of Venice (VNC) Airport (UP Is North)

Venice Airport Air Map

Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart is located in beautiful quaint Gulf front Venice, Florida in the SW portion of the Peninsula State. Venice and/or Venice Beach (as it is sometimes called) is abouthalf the way between Tampa and Ft. Myers located right on the Gulf of Mexico.

Venice is close to, and thus nearly a suburb of Sarasota. Being just 20 miles South of Sarasota it is most accessible via US 41 or and (10 mi. further inland), Interstate 75 which boasts 3 Venice Exits. Gulf front Sarasota is served by several major convenient airlines and usually is the commercial airport of choice when visiting our facility via the airlines. However, when dropping off or picking up their Mooneys, many of our clients fly into (next best) Tampa or some even utilize the Orlando area airports when turning their trip into a family mini-vacation.

shop interior

Our first class gorgeous 14,000 sq. ft. office and hangar facilities are located right on Venice Airport (VNC) on the West end of the main E/W aligned ramp which is on the North side of all the runways. Our newish tan hangar is nestled in the pine and palm trees and usually has more Mooneys congregated nearby than anyplace in the US! Most of the time, courtesy client pick-up and drop offs can be arranged from Tampa and the nearby Sarasota (SRQ) airports.

Many times, when our clients twist our arms we can drop them off in the breathtaking Florida Keys for a memorable Tropical vacation while we make their Mooneys smile!

In any event, when visiting our area, we encourage our clients to linger a while, wiggle your toes in the sand, perhaps go fishing, sample our tropical Margaritas and scrumptious local seafood, and enjoy this part of our tropical pilots paradise. Usually the weather is great with easily avoidable late afternoon tropical showers the norm during the hottest portions of the year. Winter flying (up North winter, that is) is usually nearly perfect and the occasional front is usually fast moving. Many smart Mooniacs plan to enjoy the nearby world class beaches and fishing, golfing, and the easily accessible world renown attractions such as Disney, MGM, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Fantasy of Flight Museum, picturesque Sanabel & Captiva Islands, and Universal Studios. Tampa is but a hour or so drive North with Orlando being a two hour Interstate drive away. It is a rare visitor who doesn't volunteer; Gee, I wish I had scheduled more time to stay longer, and In fact, many clients leave with Venice Real Estate brochures in hand.(Just like I did the first time I visited!)

We Hope To See Both You and Your Mooney Soon,

Our Mailing Address & Contact Info:
Coy Jacob's Mooney Mart
8191 N Tamiami Trl Bld C-6
Sarasota, FL 34243

(941) 484-0801
FAX (941) 485-4571

Office Hours And Notes:
Our hours of operation are usually from 9:00 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST M-F.
Sat morning only by prior appointment. Closed Sunday

While we make every effort to accommodate our client's busy schedules, after hours arrivals, pick-ups, and drop offs are strongly encouraged to make prior arrangements. We strongly recommend you pick up (or retrieve) your Mooney during regular week day hours so our regular staff can adequately handle your needs and last minute questions etc.

Local Accommodations:
Local accommodations generally run in two styles or classes; smaller motel/hotels on the beach downtown and usually within walking distance to shopping and restaurants, and the somewhat more economical (but clean) quote: motelish rooms both in town and also about a ½ mile out of town along bi-pass U.S. 41. Rates are to be expected but vary dramatically according to our high season which usually runs from Thanksgiving to Easter with the off season being summer at about ½ the price or less. A few quaint B&B's exist downtown and numerous gorgeous waterfront condo's are available for a week or longer with prior reservations.

Click Here for a listing of Venice Area Accommodations.
Note: We also offer a FAX/mailer description sheet for more details and our secretary will be happy to make reservations for you with adequate notice.

Naturally with Sarasota being nearly 3 times as large as Venice, it has far more accommodation choices featuring many major hotel/motel chains, several being bay front. The drive from Venice is usually under 30 minutes and therefore it is more than practical to consider making your accommodation arrangements there as well.

Rental Cars etc.:
Enterprise, Avis, Rent A Wreck, and Budget are all local and our secretary will be happy to have a car waiting when you arrive. Several Taxis operate in Venice and if you arrive in the wee hours, our 24 hr. local airport security guards have been known to take you the few block to most local accommodations for just the company and for the conversation. We also provide complementary transportation to local accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and the beach. Actually, since we are really downtown anyway, many folks walk or use a bike to get around Venice from the airport.

Fly-In Directions:
Most Mooniacs arrive from the North where they over fly Tampa Class B airspace as well as Sarasota's, both requiring you to either squawk and check in or fly around. Arriving from the South and East is somewhat less communication sensitive as except for Ft. Myers Class B some 50 miles to the South and somewhat inland, there are no TCA's to transverse.

Tampa approach is most helpful in both providing traffic advisories and vectors to Venice. Venice has several IFR approaches but are seldom needed. Many times showers dot the coast line or linger a few miles inland. Usually they are avoidable by either flying a few miles out or inland when transverseing North and South. Radar coverage is good, and the controllers helpful.

The large (5,000 ft.) X Shaped Venice Airport (VNC) is easy to spot as it is right on the Gulf, 19.6 miles on the 161 deg. Radial from SRQ VOR (115.2), and the adjacent Venice Fishing Pier which extends hundreds of feet into Gulf is hard to miss from the air. Unicom is 122.7 and the usual left hand pattern altitude is 800 ft.

Notes: Being popular for pilots both local and vacationing, expect far more VFR traffic when flying in Florida than most non-Floridians are accustom to. This is especially true near coastal areas and along the various beaches. So, practice heads up when visiting and enjoy the tropical view. In any event, have your cameras ready as you will have lots of cockpit photo opportunities along the way.

Drive-In Directions:
Click Here Or On Map To Right For Larger Downtown Venice Driving Map.

While U.S. 41 roughly follows I-75, usually visitors arriving from both the North and South will arrive in the Venice/Sarasota area via the faster and more inland route; I-75.

Arriving from the North along I-75 we advise you take the fist Venice/Nokomis Exit (#195) and use the Interstate 681 access road SW to Southbound U.S. 41 meeting 41 just a few miles North of Venice in the Ospery area. The 4 lane U.S. 41 leads directly to Venice but separates just a few blocks North of the Venice downtown or business areas at a Y. The left branch of the Y being the By-pass 41 going around the downtown area to the East, and the right choice becoming Business 41 leading you directly downtown and on to the airport.

Arriving from the South along I-75 we advise you take exit #191 called the Jacaranda Exit. Take Jacaranda ½ mile South to Venice Ave and turn right or East for the 3 miles toward the Gulf and to Venice. You will go over the Venice Ave Draw Bridge to downtown and Bus. 41 which is just past Bypass 41. Turn South (left) on Bus 41 and watch for the hospital on the right about 1/2 a mile South. Then, follow the downtown directions below.

Downtown Venice Driving Directions:
Venice Airport is literally downtown and actually on the (3 mi. long by 1 mi. wide) Island of Venice located on it's Southern most end. From the North, take Business U.S. 41 South over the North Draw Bridge a mile or so through picturesque downtown Venice and through about 5 stop lights to Venice Hospital (a very large 4 story building on the right) where you stay straight right in front of the hospital (rather than following Bus 41 to the left) on The Rialto Ave. Watch your speed (25 mph.) and stay on The Rialto for a mile directly to where it dead ends our facilities driveway on Airport Ave. where, if you never turn your steering wheel again you will run right into a gaggle of fine super fast Mooneys.

Our building is the attractive tan one with the large brown awnings in the pines and palms to the left, and is actually located at the intersection of The Rialto and Airport Ave. It is impossible to miss.

Welcome, and Remember: Life Is Too Short For Slow Flights