NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS)


What follows is an industry common explanation of how using the "NASA ASRS Reporting Form" can be used to help eliminate FAA enforcement action against you (when acting as PIC in your Mooney) in the event of an inadvertent FAA violation. This is provided as a courtesy but all information herein should be used at your own risk.

While this explanation echo's that of the AOPA etc., due to the seriousness of the consequences of potential FAA actions, we do not guaranty timely accuracy as we urge you to consult with the actual form in question and/or FAA AC 0049d (provided on a seperate page) etc. as well as an aviation attorney etc. prior to depending on this information as being an up to date & accurate interpretation of this procedure.

What is this NASA Form

A NASA Form or ARC Form 227B, is available to pilots, mechanics and air traffic controllers to report aviation operations that may compromise safety. Under certain circumstances, it can also protect pilots from fines and/or suspensions. However, it is vital that any potential user be intimately familiar with all the qualifications and procedures prior to submitting same form. For example, in order to obtain immunity from fines and penalties or enforcement actions assessed by the FAA, Time is of the essence when using this form as you only have 10 days to PROVE you have submitted it to NASA properly.

Due to the scarcity of these type of forms just when you may need one, We advise you pre-print one of these NASA ARC Form 227's (as well as this explination & FAA AC 0049b)and keep one in your flight kit, on your person, or in your Mooney at all times.

This "NASA Reporting Form 227B" is an integral part of the FAA's Aviation Safety Reporting Program.

Primary Purpose:

Immunity from fine or penalty granted if:


The FAA will fully investigate if a violation is suspected, but will not query NASA or alleged violator to see if a NASA form had been submitted. It is only during FAA's formal enforcement action that you may request immunity. Though immunity could be granted, the violation becomes part of the reporter's file.

Primary Source(s):

AOPA Web Site, FAA Advisory Circular 00-46D & FAA/NASA Aviation Safety Reporting Program

How To Get A Copy Of This NASA Reporting Form #227B:

Besides obtaining it FREE directly from the FAA or NASA, @ Flight Standards District Offices or Flight Service Stations, or directly from NASA, ASRS, P.O. Box 189, Moffett Field, CA 94035-9800, (if necessary), we also funish copies via regular U.S. mail free, and/or on an overnight FEDEx freight cost basis only providing you furnish us with a credit card# for freight charges.

The NASA ARC Form 227 is also available on-line from our website. It is in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format and requires you utilize the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

We are also making it available via two gif images, one for each page of this two page NASA form. Click Here to view Page 1 image of the NASA Reporting Form. Click Here to view Page 2 image of the NASA Reporting Form.

Click Here To View The FAA's AC #0046d Circular Pertaining To This Subject.